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5 Important Micronutrients Doggie Greens has that will help your dog's long-term health.

Not all nutrients are created equal. Some have an outsized impact on your dog's long-term health. While dog food is getting healthier, it focuses on macronutrients - proteins, fats, carbs. But micronutrients can have a bigger impact on your dog's overall health.   

These 5 important nutrients are commonly missing from your dog's food. 

1. Super Greens for natural immunity & allergy defense

Super greens from the ocean like spirulina, kelp, and algae are absolute superfoods for dogs. They help with allergy response, build a stronger immune system, and improve digestion. 

2. Probiotics for healthier bacteria in their gut

Good health starts in the gut. Same goes for your dog. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that improve your dog's gut and overall health. The more healthy bacteria, the less room for unhealthy bacteria in your dog's gut. 

3. Enzymes to better absorb nutrients from their food. 

As dog's age, their ability to absorb nutrients from their food declines. Enzymes help your dog extract more nutrition from the protein, fats, carbs, fiber, and vitamins already in their diets. 

4. Antioxidants to protect your dog's cells from free radicals

Over time free radicals cause oxidative damage to your dog's cells which can cause cancer and other diseases. Getting daily antioxidants can help protect from these free radicals and chronic inflammation to help give your dog that extra shield of protection.

5. Concentrated vitamins & minerals for a clean boost of daily energy

Even a small nutrient deficiency can  cause your dog to feel sluggish or lose that extra shine in their coat. Dog parents are shocked when they add back some additional micronutrients and notice a younger, more energetic version of their dog appear.

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Dog parents are seeing a difference

Their fur feels softer! We started adding these to their diet just a couple weeks ago and was surprised when I noticed their fur. They also love the taste of the 'treats'.πŸ˜„

Samantha V.

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My dogs love this product too! They think they are getting treats on top of their food. My 3 year old Border Collie has a beautiful coat and skin because of WOOOF supplements.

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My dog loves these! He’s pooping better and likes the taste as well.

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